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"Thank you, I'm always happy with your NaturaRose. :)" - J.V., New York, NY
"NaturaRose works wonders on lines and wrinkles. Husband loves my youthful dewy look." - S.M., East Lansing, MI
NaturaRose is Fantastic! It is well absorbed into the skin. When you do massage strokes you have the right contact on the skin especially when doing deep massage work. It's great for the lymphatic strokes. I really love it. It rejuvenates the skin and makes it soft, smooth and silky." - Dr. Peter M. Schoeb, DC, CMT, A.R.E.
"Many of our therapists have tried it (NaturaRose) on clients here, and they love it." - J.L., A.R.E. Health Center and Spa, VA
"I put the NaturaRose on before bed and I wake up with such smooth skin. My face looks much clearer now that I've started using this product!" - M. C., Cinnaminson, NJ
"... I'm just delighted with the product (NaturaRose) - You should be very proud of it!..." - J. Long, Virginia Beach, VA
"I bring NaturaRose to my massage therapist to use on me during my massage. It makes my skin feel silky and smooth." - B.B.